Groups denounce killing of BKF Leader


Dhaka, Bangladesh –  The Bangladesh Krishok Federation (BKF), Bangladesh Kishani Sabha (BKS) and the Asian Peasant Coalition (APC) denounce the killing of a BKF leader brutally killed in the morning of October 6, 2012.

“Abdul Karim, 63 years old is the President in Bhurungamari sub-district and a Central Committee member of BKF. He was murdered by Addur Rahim, allegedly employed by the local elites who have vested interest on the abandoned railway Khasland (unused land) occupied by Karim’s group in 2004 in northern Kurignam district,” stated Badrul Alam, BKF President and concurrent APC Vice-chairperson for external affairs.

Alam  said that, “Karim’s dedication is endless with regards to land occupation movement in the northern part of the country. He was with us in November 23, 2004, when sub-district members of BKF and BKS in Bhurungamari, led the peasants’ occupation of railway land abandoned by British regime in 1947.  Before the occupation, Karim together with the other leaders of the BKF and BKS organized series of rallies and submitted several letters to the sub-district’s local administration for  the distribution of this abandoned land among the genuine landless people. Unfortunately, the local administration only makes promises  but never distribute the land.” 

Alam remarked that, “for about eight (8)  years, almost  3,000 landless families are still living in the said khasland which is a result of that land occupation… The right to food and right to shelter are the fundamental human rights. It is written in section-15(a) of the constitution of Bangladesh. This land will ensure these basic needs. So, it is necessary to support the landless people occupying abandoned land for them to live”

“Karim is survived by his wife and three children, along with lots of relatives and  colleagues. He came from a very poor yet simple family. His struggle for the interest of the exploited people in our society will remain with us.  We are extremely shocked of his killing, who was our comrade in the tough struggle for a genuine agrarian reform and food sovereignty in Bangladesh. We will remember him forever and his death will inspire us more to continue our struggle,” ended Alam. #



Badrul Alam, BKF President (Bangladesh) and

APC Vice-chairperson for External Affairs

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